“Do I have to brush my braces again…..”

Yes, this is one of the most common things said by kids with braces!  Proper oral hygiene is so important to good oral health.  So I thought I would post a simple instructional picture for the kids to check out in order to make sure they are brushing properly. Just like in the picture, make sure they clean all around the braces.   Motivation can sometimes be a real obstacle to good oral hygiene so here’s a great idea: have the kids play a song and tell them to brush from the start of the song all the way to the end.  An average song lasts about 2 minutes so this is a good idea for proper brushing time length plus its a fun way to pass the time.  Give it a try….good luck and good brushing!!!

How To Clean Orthodontic Braces at Home! Easy Steps. Pittsford Pediatric Dentistry | #Pittsford | #NY | www.pittsfordpediatricdentistry.com:

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